Sunday, 20 June 2010

Old Days

This is something you might have seen about. These little plaques were put
into place in the old days to show bus drivers where the bus went lol. These
days we have to remember. One even shows the old A5 route which was one of
the Ashton Little gem services and the one from Hadfield shows the 211
route. Some route changes are being looked at in Glossop at the moment due
to issues with the turning circle (or lack off) at the Royal Oak. And I also
heard that the 217/8 Are going to Shudehill. That I feel is pretty


  1. i personally think the 236/237 should do a loop round shirebrook, emerging at the roundabout at manor park. that would be most logical. or even get them heading up to the now completely unused old glossop terminus. as for the "idiot boards" as i still know them as, i find them really interesting, relics from routes of the past! theres some on whitfield on the 390 route, i think marking the old 214 route.

  2. I think the idea is to send it to the old terminus. There is a great collection of these signs as the 216 turns onto Manchester road coming round the Ryecroft Roundabout towards Manc

  3. There's a few plotted around Mossley, showing old routes 153, 336(never heard of that one) and the classic looped 348 & 350.

    They do seem like an OK idea, but why keep the ones that are near a decade out of date.

  4. None of them are used anymore. so they are all out of date in reality. Suppose Nostagia is the reason they are left.

  5. There are quite a few of these in the Stockport area too, but most are more-or-less accurate.

  6. i had planned at some point to make a post with a load of them as i find them very interesting but didnt have the time. If anyone gets the chance to snap them email it me and ill post a large collection of them,

  7. Mark Amis24/6/10 12:07

    The vast majority of them are for former Tameside depot routes from the mid eighties. there are still a few in the Oldham area too for the 355 amd 343.
    I think they were placed to help drivers from the old Staleybridge depot driving on routes they were unused too wehn Staleybridge and Ashton merged into one Tameside depot.