Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Idiot of the day goes too!

Had to get out and get a picture of this. This is the crossing on market street at hyde. It's often very very busy. It annoys me that this dhl van has parked here totally blocking the view of people about to cross. I just finished work. Been a very average morning really. 2 trips on a 330 followed by a 346. Easy really. Was going to ride into work but pulled my shoulder this morning doing the very energetic movement of getting out of bed. Should be ok in a few days hopefully. I need to get back into a routine after my two weeks off. Mixed stories today about the 217 and 218s some say the mossley section is staying some say it's going i was going to go ask the boss but forgot. Back in at 430am on the 216s which are taking a pounding again due to some new road works on the new road so i'm not looking forward to them.


  1. The Police used to have a purge here at the weekend - it's often blocked being right next to a cash machine.

    They may be out this afternoon now the suns out again lol

  2. The police never bother with parking any more. More likely to be the Tamside patrollers, never around when you want them!

  3. they want to clamp down on cars parking on manchester rd in Mossley near the railway stn it causes tailbacks and buses struggle to get past