Saturday, 26 June 2010

But why?

I'm back in on monday doing staff taxi at 4am but i'm just waiting for a 425 to oldham when this old prisma turns up. It's the 1950 so this bus will be out for the night i'm sure. Why though? We ensure all night buses are enviros. Because the they have cctv and low floor. Whilst i am typing this though the bus has now broke down and ain't going anywhere. The driver has kicked us all off so i'm going for a 409 lol. Happy times


  1. Dukinfield where using one of these the other day 60442 on the 350 could only show the service number

  2. Good old First. God i feel sorry for people who have to use there buses everyday. There a joke!

  3. I thought those were withdrawn, and I did see it on the 348 and 350 a couple days ago...with all of the OAP's sodding it off because of the massive steps lol

    Seems like a great place to break down...on a bus stop, were other drivers need to use it...ah well. I like the idea with cctv, plus I bet it helps with drivers doing night shifts

  4. Interesting comment that about Dukinfield having 60442 and it only being able to display a service number unless the actually had it out on Hey Farm turnbacks as both Oldham and Ashton are on the blind.

    Interesting thing is that common to believe it actually hasnt come from Oldham Depot but has come from Queens Road who actually did get it from Oldham Depot, I'm guessing another vehicle shortage as to why its at Dukinfield Depot

  5. yes it was transferred to Manchester

    if you have seen buses mag you will have seen that First Bradford have a new 10 reg bus on long term loan

  6. I think the oaps will boycott the 348 when the full S48 service starts next week 5th July

  7. At My medical last Thurs , there was a nice guy from First , still in uniform. He told me that there was another 11 like him, from the Ashton depot, jumping ship!! I can't think why :-)

  8. Apparently Dukinfield has been short of drivers since January and there are a good few drivers from Queens rd and Oldham plugging the gap at Dukinfield.
    I did hear a rumour after First closed there Ince depot that Dukinfield might get closed as well.

  9. And sell there old sheds to Speedwell :-)

  10. also a driver from Bolton has been covering Ashton services with one of the 60312 to 46 batch of buses aswell

    I think stagecoach would be better for the 350 the buses are better

    when Dukinfield was under First PMT they had a sliver bus G760 XRE which was coach seated since gone to Barnsley


    did you hear when it might be

  11. Chris, i dont think Speedwell would look twice at First's tired Duki fleet lol.

    Mic it was a rumour a few months ago following the closure of First's Ince depot. Its no secret that First Manchester aint doing too great and there looking to cut costs where possible so it was suggested that closing Dukinfield and moving the fleet/staff to Oldham would save money - but again it was only a rumour, but given Dukinfield are so short staffed, you never know.

    Mic i remember the silver Olympian with coach seats, and of course the 4 leyland Lynx.

  12. H 851 GRE was a good bus they also had B200/1/2 DTU that also had coach seats

    saw 69229 in st ives the other week looking very good at one point they also had 30110 the other year

    those darts at Dukinfield need to go to Barnsley 40433 sounds noisy they only got those 4 back to do the 408 service also saw a Wigan based school bus 68208 on an Oldham school service last week

  13. Anonymous27/6/10 19:38

    Not Surprised why they are jumping ship a crap Fleet at Duki and £7.85 per hour
    Say no more

  14. M Branson27/6/10 21:45

    One thing about Dukinfield's Solos - the NEWEST one 40324, registration MA51 AEU, seems to be the crappiest one, really rough and loud wheezing sound as if it has asthma, and also shakes and rattles in idle. They should give out free paracetamols to people with headaches after riding it!

    First Dukinfield seem to be better at cleaning lately though from what I've seen. In stark contrast I was on Stagecoach Ashton Enviro400 19081 a couple of days ago and it was absolutely filthy beyond belief. Something horrible splashed on the ceiling, floor had a nice thick coating of gunk, and the stairs seemed to be dripping in filth. Looks like there needs to be some cleaner vacancies to be filled at Ashton depot. Perhaps the ones at First Duki could also jump ship!

  15. was on the S50 yestaday going to Ashton the NKG one and a 350 passed at top Mossley and then caused a tail back of traffic by driving about 20mph right to Fountain street

  16. No surprise with that Mic, it is not just first dart but even Stagecoach's MAN's and Speedwells Marshall's have difficulties...The only vehicle that manage are Stagecoach's E400's, Firsts Olympians and Speedwells E300's. The only dart that can manage that hill is Speedwells transbus but that's it...

    Whats happening with 'Firsts' solos used on the metro-shuttle? They're new versas and hybrid solos coming in but I don't know what would happen to the current fleet.

    I would assume that either the Rte would sell them off or First would keep them since they are fully tailored with a First interior.

  17. William a report on Gm Buses forum by a Queens road driver suggests the MetroShuttle Solo's are being overhauled, pannels are being replaced and there being repainted into MetroShuttle livery. I dont think the Versa's are due for a while yet.

    Mr Branson, i know exactly what you mean. I got on a Stagecoach Ashton MAN at 7.45am one day last week and it was a tip. Two loose seat cushions at the back, litter all over the floor and a rather unpleasant smell. I can understand it in the afternoon but first thing in the morning.

    Dont First own the current batch of MetroShuttle Solos?

  18. I guess with new buses due for the shuttle services in Manchester the Dukinfield solos the x regs will be replaced but you never know with first

    Bradford lost 50287 some months back when it burst into flames

  19. M Branson29/6/10 12:55

    The 02 reg Metroshuttle Solos form part of a batch of which the rest are in normal First livery. My guess is that Dukinfield will get some 02 reg Solos while Queens Road gets to keep the nice 54 reg ones, though I do hope I'm wrong.

  20. those 54s bar 53147 had been used at Oldham the other year

    I saw a double deck on the eveing service 353 to uppermill it was 34255

  21. M Branson30/6/10 14:40

    Or maybe Oldham will get the 54s then lol.