Thursday, 9 April 2009

More trouble ahead?

This is the junction of market street and ashton new road in droylsden. On most days this junction causes us no end end of problems. The timing of the lights on the new road side is ridiculous. This is where you will get 4 buses on a 6 minute service arriving together. It doesn't take a genius to realise if they made the lights stay green for longer this will improve reliability. This is also where the metrolink will end. So more traffic problems are to be expected. Joy! Anyway Good Friday tomorrow and i'm working. But get saturday sunday off so not too bad. I'm sure i will find something to moan about later or even tomorrow.on 217 today for 5 hours so get to see the hills.


  1. the metrolink will end in ashton not droylsden.

  2. If the yes vote went ahead it was going to ashton. Now it will terminate at droylsden