Wednesday, 29 April 2009

How Much?

Ok, So i'm driving down Burnley Lane in Chadderton and i see this sign in a shop window and had to snap it. I thought a full sheep would be worth more than £2.99.
Anyway i have finished until Tuesday now. Ah well that was the idea. I have been convinced to do a late on Monday night Yes the Bank Holiday Monday.... Oh Well the taxman will at least be happy about it. So off until Monday now. Yiippeeee


  1. Beware the small print!
    £2.99 per kg!
    Now how much does a sheep weigh?
    I don't know but do the maths if you find out and won't seem so cheap then.

  2. Anonymous3/5/09 16:19

    haha right :D Anyways still funny at start :P