Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Eased back in.

First part today is a single trip on a 330. Made easier with the bus in front being around 7 minutes late all the way. I picked up about 8 people from ashton to stockport. After that is 5 hours on the 218/217s. Nice day really. I'm glad i wasn't in yesterday. I believe the roads where gridlocked with everyone going back to work and school. Didn't make for a pleasant morning for bus travellers waiting 20 and 30 minutes on busy routes. New phone is on its way. Nokia 5800 is what the insurance is giving me which will have to do until august when it's upgrade time. Pictures might not be as good but will do for now.


  1. I've just got a Nokia 5800. Tis an excellent piece of kit.
    Nine weeks today and I should be back in Stalybridge for a few days.

  2. Anonymous12/1/10 18:57

    Seems like all Stagecoach buses were running late today. I was waiting half an hour for a 231 in Piccadilly then 3 came at once.

    Do you know whats happening with the ex Mayne's Marshall darts and the 2 Scania's. Not seem them out for a while.

  3. The delay on the 231 was due to a funeral at Manor Road in Droylsden. The procession was a very big one and it held up 6 of our 231s which too a while to get back on track. The roadworks at market street also mean the 216 were all running in 3s and 4s but not as bad as previous roadworks. 15381 has gone to Glossop or Charles st for storage. The 3 marshalls are still at ashton with a couple of dragons and another couple of maynes scania 1538>>> buses.

  4. Anonymous12/1/10 21:16

    when the new 231 timetable starts later this month is Ashton depot providing any buses on it as there seems a lot of dead running between Ashton and Hyde Rd dopot at the moment