Sunday, 10 January 2010

still off

No monday morning for me this week i'm still on my long weekend off. Been a very nice rest to be honest. I think tomorrow will be a very busy monday morning as everyone finally gets back to school and work. Well that is unless this light snow we have at the moment turns heavy. Oh well nothing i have to worry about for now anyway. The picture by the way is one of the many great uses for the megarider on a man bus lol.


  1. Hi,do you know what happened with the 231 on Wood lane this morning,around 9am?. My wife had done the school run, and on her return saw the 1st 231 halfway over the brow of the hill,and a car with its front end stoved in nearby,and the 2nd 231 was caught in the jam,as the police had closed the road.

  2. Not sure sorry. It would have been a hyde road bus.

  3. Cheers,sure you will hear about in on the jungle drums when you are back in !