Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Stuck in

What a week it is becoming. I dont need to tell anyone whats going on with the weather around my area at the moment. Its been - something for the past week or so. Now another 10" of snow in oldham and ashton today. My car wont move. The cancellation of First bus has ment i couldn't get into work today and thats just a small part of it. this is the list of service disruption to Stagecoach in manchester right now. I believe a lot of drivers have been unable to get which luckily will make up for the suspended services we deal with around ashton. Im back in tomorrow still no phone though yet grrrrrr. So until i get one i am unable to post on the move. Will try to take some nice scenic photos if i get chance although the news has a plentyful amount at the moment. Personally i think a lot of buses won't run today and a risk assesment would confirm it. But who am i to say.


  1. Anonymous5/1/10 16:45

    First have come under alot of critisium for suspending all services in the Tameside/Oldham area's, but i think that has been the right thing to do.
    The roads are bad enough with all the daft car drivers that have choked everything up without adding Buses into the mix as well.

  2. It has been terrible but I think that this can be seen within a shade of Grey for both Stagecoach and others.

    Good news though,I was wondering what its like to work for Stagecoach manchester as I am applying for one of the apprenticeship placements as a mechanic?

  3. The ones we have at ours seem to enjoy it. They were taken on last year. Good Luck anyway, there are much worst places to work. I love my job and i dont have many gripes about the company.

  4. Anonymous5/1/10 18:28

    Do you know what the Stagecoach policy will be on possibly extending the use of any purchased Megarider tickets beyond their stated expiry date as, for example, in this instance, the 236/237 service has not run today?

  5. It's an act beyond the companies control so i doubt any renumeration package would exist.

  6. Anonymous6/1/10 15:18

    just seen the corrie mini bus fightingthe snow on St Albans ave this afternoon