Sunday, 24 January 2010

Smashing weekend.

Just arrived into work. Got a couple of 216s and 169s today. Always great to do the 169 for a change even if the times are tight. This bus was out last night until this happened.. Luckily noone was sat on the front seat where all the glass was.


  1. Hello. I really dont see what fun they seem to get out of doing this. Whats the big deal about throwing rocks through bus windows. Not big or clever all there doing is putting passengers/drivers life at risk.

    This kind of stuff is not on, I Assume stagecoach in manchester look into the CCTV and get the police involed.

    Write Back - Kind Regards Kane.

  2. Anonymous25/1/10 00:05

    I think Stagecoach should remove all Enviro 400's from Ashton and replace them with old tridents. There dosen't seem to be a week go by when one isn't involved in a bump or has a window broken. AZ must be cursed.

  3. All these incidents are recorded and the cctv viewed. I'm sure that if the footage shows the parasite then it would get passed to the police. The problem is they throw the stones from the shadows and it's difficult to identify the person. it's not just our depot that gets this. It happens all over the country so no curse luckily.

  4. Anonymous25/1/10 17:25

    I know its a big problem. I know years back Mayne's 171 service was often attacked in winter monthes most evenings.
    Also im sure Bluebird use plastic safety glass in there windows now because they are often attacked in Middleton.
    No doubt us passengers will pay with more fare increases.

  5. M Branson25/1/10 17:41

    I also clocked 19001 with a smashed window, think it was Friday. Saw it back out today minus its Megarider branding on one side. Terrible what bus drivers have to put up with and that's why I'm not one/won't be one.

  6. We don't let the very rare incidents like this put us off. Even with the fare dodgers, smokers, druggies, thieves, spitters and loud music players its still a very enjoyable job 99 percent of the time.

  7. Yes we get rock throwing alot in Hull too the bad thing is we have camera on ours buses but not all work so the shits get away with it. On of ex manchester 18026 - MX53FLF happens to have a screen upstairs and working CCTV and did catch the brats who smashed the upper window.

    Kind Regards - Kane.