Saturday, 23 January 2010

New arrival

We have a few new to us man buses at the moment which i'm told we are keeping. This is the first time i have driven this one 22183. It's one of the good ones i think. Pretty nippy which is a fine quality sometimes. Not looking too bad on the heating side either. Lots of 217 218s today. All day in fact. I was on the 330 and 347 but someone didn't fancy 8 hours on here. I'll sit on this route all day long. Easy money.


  1. Anonymous23/1/10 15:35

    why the extra mans if no extra duties

  2. They are replacing enviros which are out of action.

  3. Anonymous23/1/10 20:11

    out of action?

    as in damaged ones or are stagecoach shifting them around?

  4. Just long term repairs such as engine damage or accident damage. Takes time so the mans are all we can get until then.