Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Early finish

Not much happening today so i have taken an early finish as i should have been off today anyway. Instead i'm reliving the childhood slightly and have come for a little ride out on a bus or too. I was going to head upto preston and southport today bus was asked to do a few hours at work. Instead i got a 216 to alan touring way. A 53 to cheetham hill (this went through north manchester hospital where i couldn't find the jpt 59 enviro which is on show today) then a 135 bendy bus to bury, which i have never ever been on before. I'm sat at the back too it's a very odd piece of vehicle next over to rochdale then Oldham and home. Nice to see the other side of Oldham for a change. **Update** However now i am home i will never come through Royton at school time again.. Next time i only go past schools sat behind the screen driving the bus. they are like animals.

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  1. Is this what they call a 'bus mans holiday'