Friday, 25 September 2009

Oh it's early.

Alarm was set for 4am this morning. A little too early for me but i need the early finish today. I'm working all weekend again so no rest for the wicked. 216s today then one trip on the bad manners express. Finish 12 noon. Not bad. This view is a very quiet ashton new road from Droylsden. I had a couple of minutes so took this not sure how well it will show up. I will check when i get home.


  1. Anonymous25/9/09 07:27

    Wish you would stop calling it the 'Bad Manners Express'. There's nothing 'Express' about it!!

  2. Would it please if it just stopped at ashton-hyde-stockport with a journey time of around 20 minutes from one end to the other. Query! Did the 401 copy the 330 route on this section? If so i wonder what the travel time was.

  3. Anonymous25/9/09 08:23

    I don't think you could do A-H-S in 20 minutes unless there was zero traffic on the roads.

  4. Anonymous25/9/09 08:25

    Actually, scratch the above, there's no way it can be done in 20 unless speeding.

  5. Anonymous29/9/09 09:12

    The 401 for a time (around 1993 - 1995) went from Ashton to Stockport via Dukinfield Town Hall, Hyde bus station, then Denton (Crown Point) and Brinnington towards Stockport.

    I would assume the journey time was about 30 minutes on a good day.