Tuesday, 9 February 2010

More traffic problems

We all know that wherever you put a supermarket, traffic becomes a problem. This the the old gec site on fairfield road in openshaw. It's about to be regenerated into a morrisons. I think there will be other things here too judging by the size of it. On the old road at the moment heading to grey mare lane to pick up my last 216. I been running about 20 minutes late since i took it off and it's been impossible to claw it back so i am having to miss part of this trip to get this bus back on track. I have finished when i get back so will be a good start for the next driver.


  1. Buspilot9/2/10 16:31

    That's IKEA's colours!

  2. Anonymous9/2/10 16:43

    Interestingly Ashton Old Road seems to be as bad as Ashton New Road now with regards to traffic. Apparently it was backed up to towards Audenshaw this morning. Plus all the problems in Manchester city center.
    All this traffic carnt be good for bus passengers. I for one will be using the train into Manchester next week.

  3. Anonymous9/2/10 16:49

    spent one hour on Katherine st Ashton this afternoon on 347 B10 and envior 400 also Man on 216 Ashton depot can certainly provide variety for the onlooker

  4. I noticed the B10 on the 347 today. Was due to a breakdown very early on. Prevented the service from not running so not too bad.

    I spoke to a bloke yesterday who has switched to the train because it takes only 9 minutes to manchester in the morning. Is it hardly suprising! If i go to manchester i tend to get the train too. It's very annoying when its all out of our hands. And i still feel sorry for the people who are stuck on a 216-219 for an hour in the morning just trying to get to work.

  5. Anonymous9/2/10 17:12

    Your right, Its so quick. The only problem is the trians are always packed in the mornings and often leave the platform at Ashton with people left behind.
    Ive always traveled to work by bus even though i own a car, it was bad enough last summer and it seems to be going that way again. I must admit last summer when the weather was good i did walk into Ashton and catch a 219 which once through Guide Bridge, quickly gets to Manchester but now thats just as bad.
    I feel sorry for Stagecoach, they try there best but are really up against it.

  6. Has anybody got any idea which way 217/218s are going into Manchester at the mo, for some reason this afternoon 16:00 was running 30mins late from Ashton Bus Station-Manchester not to sure why considering the route it takes

  7. The 1602 from ashton is always late because of copley high school. The 1702 from ashton is always late because it gets caught up in stalybridge in traffic. The 1538 217 from ashton also hour caught up in school traffic near the college and often runs late too apart from there three they should all run ok even at the moment. The current diversion for the next 6 weeks is down to the bottom of old mill street, left onto great ancoats street. Right onto adair street and then in like a 216 part piccadilly ETC ETC. from leaving lever street at the 181/77 stand it's then normal route.