Thursday, 4 February 2010

Bad service

Just on the 419 from ashton after a very mixed day. What started with a nice couple of hours on the 216 ended up with some parasite thinking he was travelling with a 4 day old train ticket on my 346! Needless to say i won that row despite the barrage of abuse which made me chuckle slightly. i was going to get the 409 but as always at 1630ish you don't see one for 30 minutes then 4 come. Yes they really do. Everyday! Going to head home for tea and then go to vent some steam at the gym. On a split day tomorrow with 218 in the afternoon so i'll look forward to them. I notice a few of our inspectors on there this week checking out the passenger numbers. I doubt it will be long before that route is changed somewhere along the line. Although i think the mossley stalybridge section has got a little busier recently. Will see.


  1. Anonymous4/2/10 22:08

    a while ago you helped by finding the fleet list i looked tonight and it is the same one dated 13th december when dose a new one arrive thank you

  2. Buspilot5/2/10 09:41

    Should return the 218 to its original route. Most confusing it is for a person who is used to the old corporation transport world to find the 218 not going where you expect it to, when visiting the UK.

  3. Dont know about fleetlists sorry. Best to keep checking.