Monday, 15 February 2010

Let the fun begin.

This is the turning point of the 169 from ashton at the moment. A little lane just off lumb lane near the m60 motorway bridge. There are signs on every stop near here but people are still waiting for buses that are not coming. This little stumpy thing is ideal though on here. It's a shame it's the coldest thing i have ever driven. I certainly won't be doing this route again as this is the only bus we have for it. My feet and fingers are like ice. Got 7s and 330s after which i can't wait for to warm up.


  1. Anonymous15/2/10 12:22

    I think thats down to the council. They have put up signs in Littlemoss advising of the works but to people living beyond Littlemoss no notice has been givin so i guess they just dont realise. Really strange to see a Single Decker doing the work though as normally its always deckers.

  2. It got pretty busy towards dinner time too. I got the bus swapped for another dart with heating as it was very very cold. This one has now been fixed too.

  3. Anonymous15/2/10 18:07

    Was nice to see the LED destination set for the Shuttle service as well, was nice to have something different running up and down the road.