Friday, 19 February 2010

Back again.

Final day of the littlemoss shuttle service. I started it on monday and now i'm finishing it this afternoon. It's a shame that despite all the signs and me asking if they all know where they are going i am still left with someone on who wants to go to gorton! Did 3 on the 216s earlier which was pleasant so been a nice day today. This free bus we have been doing has been pretty busy this week. At least the bus i have today is a nice warm one unlike the bus on monday. What is annoying though is, no matter how nice we are and help people to get to where they are going when there is a road closure there are always people who moan and moan and moan.


  1. Anonymous19/2/10 17:14

    To be fair its put alot of people out with the road being closed and we have had very little notice that the roadworks were taking place. Infact im told Stagecoach only found out last week and sadly some people who only sometimes use the service are unaware anything is different.

    You will be surprised how many people get on a 231 in Manchester and kick up a fuss when it terminates in Littlemoss becuase they 'thought' it went to Ashton.

    Full marks to Stagecoach though, its been nice not having a free bus service this week.

  2. Anonymous19/2/10 17:40

    *Its been nice having a free bus service this week*

  3. It's been interesting doing a free bus. Although people get on looking guilty. I suppose this is what it would be like if we had a similar system as london with the oyster card. boarding in the bus station was so quick.

  4. Anonymous19/2/10 19:26

    It has been interesting, and i have noticed that the bus has been dead on time all week. Did everyone know it was free or did some people try to pay?

  5. It's not hard to keep a service on time that only takes 8 minutes from one end to the other with a 7 minutes turn around time at each end. 99 percent of people got on with money or pass at the ready.

    Think you may be interested?