Friday, 26 February 2010

Another smashing time.

It seems the idiots were out in force last night. 15 windows in the bus station and every bus stop from ryecroft hall to ashton has been smashed up. I still cannot see the enjoyment in it and we all know where the money comes from in the long term don't we. Just got into ashton. Got a 330 followed by a nice pleasent 5 hours on the 217 218. I also noticed speedwell have announced there next venture in the ashton bus wars. They are doing service s48 which will follow the 348 route and hit first even more. It's clear they have been fighting back against the s50 with extra buses at peak times. I saw 4 buses chasing the speedwell bus the other day.


  1. I spotted 2 shelters smashed on Katherine Street this morning, didn't realise it had been so widespread.

  2. Anonymous26/2/10 16:28

    Good luck to Speedwell. They seem to be doing a good job. Whenever i use there S50 its always busy. Even the OAP's seem to prefer traveling with them.
    I heard the driver of the S50 a few weeks ago talking to a passenger and she said there switching to Double Decker buses after Easter.
    No doubt the Darts that are used now will be used on the new S48 instead.

  3. Absolute idiots and/or thugs...I agree I dont see the point in this wreckless behaviour.

    Good luck to Speedwell on bashing first from a conglomerate grip, I also hope there double decks soon because at peak times it need it.

    As a stagecoach driver though, on the 217/8's a lot, doesn't this combined s48/50 worry stagecoach as it consumes most of the loop on the 217/8?

  4. No worries at all. All the passengers we get are either people from brushes estate or people waiting for the first or speedwell bus who decide to get on ours at the time. There are not many megarider holders get on anyway. I don't think we will be running up there for too much longer. The 2 1/2 hours journey time means there are so many places to lose time and be late. This afternoon has been total chaos with the 217 218 running between 10 and 40 minutes late. I'm glad i don't have to use it anyway.

  5. I don't think First have been fighting back - 4 buses on the 350 can happen as a result of bunching!

    One problem with the 217/218 is that Mossley/Carrbrook is not Stagecoach "territory" so a lot of potential passengers aren't aware of the good value of Mega tiokets. Plus, people will not wait for an hourly service if a 10-minute service is going the same way. The 217/218 is valuable for the links between Mossley, Stalybridge and Dukinfield.

  6. Anonymous27/2/10 15:52

    Martin its very rare to get 4 350's leaving at the same time as one S50 unless there being told to by there boses at First.
    I have noticed myself in the mornings that very often a 350 will leave late followed by a S50 thats on time with another 350 leaving behind empty and very early.
    If you remember when the S50 was running to Manchester, officially Stagecoach didn't respond, but they did use alot of floaters on the 216, which they claim was for the roadworks but thats debatable.

  7. Never got the S50 as far as manchester, but I did the trip vice versa once and it managed about 5 people from manchester to ashton, but a full load from ashton to mossley lol

    The competition from stagecoach is a lot stronger than from first so its no wonder it was scaled down to ashton to mossley only.

    I hope the 217/8 loop isn't scrapped because my little brother needs it to get to copley high from mossley, and the 343 is either too early or too full.

  8. I noticed the smashed windows in the Bus Station on Friday morning when I got there, I'm guessing drunken thugs are to blame as there were a couple of empty bottles next to one of the smashed shelters, makes me wonder whether the CCTV in the Bus Station managed to catch the culprits.

    As for other Bus Shelters along the routes being done plus the ones in the Bus Station I wonder how long it will take before the new glass is fitted