Wednesday, 3 February 2010

It's back

Just when things were getting back to normal it looks like we are in the middle of another heavy snow fall. I'm on the 330 at the moment at stockport and already the roads are slowing to snail pace. I just hope it doesn't turn as bad as last time or i'll be sleeping in the car at work tonight lol. Just kidding. Anyway we will see. Nothing special today just a 7 and 2 330s, seems pretty quiet out at the moment.


  1. Anonymous3/2/10 22:51

    drove to manchester this morningdown ashton new road over the tram lines for the first time how long have they been in place

  2. Anonymous3/2/10 23:36

    just seen on GMPTA webb site the money to complete the big bang on the metro system has been raised bus companies may have to raise their game to keep hold of their passengers

  3. I was hoping for a nice day to have a ride down on the bike to shoot them. They have been there about two weeks. Looks very impressive and a little strange going over tram tracks on the new road. Progress is really showing. I will do another update when i next cycle down. As for passenger numbers, there is a couple of things to remember with that. A lot of the metro passengers will be ex car drivers who start to use it instead of the car. Also it's run by stagecoach so i doubt they are too worried about passenger numbers declining. And just remember what happened when bury got the tram! They put bigger buses on the 135 to core with the extra passenger numbers. We will see. I won't worry about my job yet lol. It's great that the money has been found though. Just need a campaign now to allow bikes on the tram.

  4. While I havent got a bike but admit I can ride one, one thing I must say is that its a shame that bikes arent allowed on Metrolink considering that the Metrolink is coming to Oldham/Rochdale/Ashton shortly there's plenty of places that will be just off the tramway that if bikes were allowed that you could use the tram to get to/from and then cycle the rest of the way.

    As I said just a shame really especially considering until its closure bikes were allowed on Oldham Loop Line with plenty of interesting places to visit just off the loop line aswell