Thursday, 25 February 2010

Idiot drivers!

I'm not in until 2 today so i'm off to the gym for a bit. Heading down oldham road towards ashton and this car is doing something very familiar. We get it all the time on ancoats when the road is open. They purposely drive along the line of the bus lane to stop anything going past. This unfortunatly includes the bus! It's times like this i wish we had bus lane cameras on the bus like they do in london. The cctv we already use would be good enough but no one has started to use it for this purpose in manchester as yet. My normal response is a long press of the horn until they move. Although the horns on our buses are toned down to avoid scaring people? Figure that one out. Anyway 330 and piccadilly to glossop late. Not limited stop yet so will probably be a rushed trip. And on another note just seen an enviro on the 7. Must be short of darts again!


  1. Anonymous25/2/10 14:43

    Saw about three numpty motorists on the bus lane at Audenshaw Road at around 0740. Got a grandstand view of it from the front seat of an Enviro 400 on the 220 service.

  2. Anonymous25/2/10 20:29

    You credit a car driver with the benefit of thought! They simply follow the vehicle in front at a regulation ten foot distance and don't ever, ever think about anyone or anything else. I'll bet this driver didn't even know the bus lane is there.