Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Bit boring

It doesn't come more mind numbing than this. As if driving an optare wasn't bad enough. It's on the 390 local bus for local people route. I believe the local council pay a lot of money to make sure this service runs. It is busy but not many people have to pay. Finish at 3 so not too difficult i suppose.


  1. Anonymous3/2/10 20:09

    You say 'It's busy but not many people have to pay'

    Just because they all have free bus passes doesn't mean they're NOT paying.

    Presumably, the money for the oldies using the service must come from somewhere (subsidies etc).

    What are you suggesting that Stagecoach should take the subsidies but not provide a service in return?

  2. it kinda states "=the council pays for it"...meaning that it is payed for but not directly by the OAPS

    No suggestion of 'take & run' whatsoever though...where does it say that???

  3. Anonymous3/2/10 20:51

    It doesn't say it but the service is being paid for whether directly or indirectly by the people using it - it's not true to say they don't pay.

    All too often bus companies are bemoaning the fact that very few people use their services or that the majority of those using them during the day are OAPS (ie non paying) but all I'm saying is that those OAPS are not trvelling for free really. The bus operators are getting money to run those services.

    There is no such thing as FREE travel for anybody.

  4. Where does the post mention the words Free or Oldies?
    Where does it mention that Stagecoach would ever take money and run?
    Sorry it doesnt mention either anywhere.

    It does however say "the local council pay a lot of money to make sure this service runs" It doesnt take a genius to know where council funds come from!

    Its a blog written on the move in short spaces of time. I don't have time to explain every little detail about how a service is run.I just make it plain and obvious.