Tuesday, 16 February 2010

All alone

Half way through my duty at the moment. This one does two trips on a 330 which comes off at 5pm. Get an hour off and then finishes with a single trip on the same route. Pretty short duty to be honest and not much open in ashton at 5pm for something to eat so just had my salad which i bring with me. If not it would have been the trusty vending machine which i tend to shy away from reluctantly. Coffee is a must though although i use the word "coffee" very loosely. Just me and the cleaner here at this time although it's only because the kids are off this week that i'm sat here now. We run different timetables when it's holiday time as the traffic is lighter and because there are no school buses running. Very different tomorrow i'm in at 5am! Boooo.

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  1. Anonymous17/2/10 22:06

    5AM??? atleast they pay for it, i hope...