Monday, 22 February 2010

Another blast from the past.

Just in the middle of my day. Had one day off out of my long weekend lol. Glad i didn't work yesterday city were playing at home and the roads were mad i believe. Anyway today has consisted of a trip on the 330 and i'm now sat in piccadilly on a 218. A friend gave me some old mega riders. Very old looking now with the old red white and blue colours on. Also the result of the 236/237 consultation has been published and it's back to limited stop between ashton and manchester. Personally i wanted a bigger change but this is what the people want although it does say there was no majority. Not sure how well the picture is might have to scan it when i get home.


  1. So it's back to the old route/stops for 236/7.

    There are several other routes that require similar treatment.

    Three weeks tomorrow and I shall be with you

  2. Yes same as before basically. Don't rush. It's still minus temperatures at the moment. I just finished and i can't feel my feet yet.

  3. Anonymous22/2/10 18:37

    For any business, it's easier to lose custom than to win it back and, in all honesty, I doubt that the proposals for the 236/7 service will recover passengers lost to the rail network in any significant number. Probably the main cause of the present delays and long journey times are the roadworks along Ashton New Road. For a timetable change to have worked well, flexibility was therefore required to vary the route between Ashton and Manchester without any stops along that stretch.

  4. The limited stop 'compromise' between Ashton and Manchester on the 236/237s won't work simply because a number of passengers on boarding the bus will not realise this and will then demand to be dropped off at a non stopping point on the route between Ashton and M/cr. This is what always happens. 99 per cent of bus drivers not wishing to get into a heated exchange or a punch up with the passenger will simply comply with their request.

  5. i wont! if people are to stupid to notice it says "limited stop" on the front, which no doubt it will, then its their own fault...

    i can see it now #ding# after the stop at edge lane

    "sorry love, next stop, sportcity muhahaha"