Thursday, 25 February 2010

Feet off.

I saw last year the campaign first bus were doing about antisocial behaviour with posters asking people to keep music off and to keep feet off seats. Looks like we are joining in. Just noticed this poster on the ceiling of my bus above the back seats upstair. I doubt anyone will take notice. Common sense surely would be to turn the rear facing seats around! Or is that too simple. Would also like more publicity on fare dodging as i have noticed i huge increase in the amount of forged day tickets. They are far to easy to scan or alter. Only 15 minute ago i turfed someone off for one. They seemed to think it was my fault lol. Makes my day sometimes,


  1. Roundabout at the terminus of the 127 at El Coto is frequently parked on by lazy b'stards who can't be bothered to find a proper parking space.
    Unfortunately for one today, the car trapped behind the stuck bus was the police.....tow away truck summond.....costs to driver of car will be about €150. Serves em right!

  2. Are the rear-facing seats there because there is not quite enough room for another row of forward-facing seats?

  3. I'm sure i have been on one enviro which had them seats front facing and i don't remember it looking too tight for comfort. Only seen one though.