Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Special visit

I took these pictures on the way in this morning. It's the building that stands in the way of our entrance. It's recently been closed and the grapevine says it will be paintshops for our depot. It should also give us a one way in and out system. When i got into work also noticed mr Souter having his first tour around ashton depot. I did manage to grab 5 minutes of his time to ask about the amphibious bus project in scotland and his views on the fares around manchester. Interesting 5 minutes for someone who has a huge interest in the company and the industry as a whole. So a nice day upto now. Been off for a few days so glad to be back today to get back to normal.

1 comment:

  1. I hope he dosen't say " Give that man a managers Job ! " When I was at Hyde Rd,my mentor applied for and got one. He went upto scotland to be indoctrinated, 6 months later,he was driving the 219,earning more money,than he could as a white collar worker. He demoted himself !