Monday, 8 March 2010

Bad boys and girls

Not ouch happening today just sat at the royal oak now on a 237 waiting to go back in the sunshine. I took this pic yesterday at daisy nook when i went for a bike ride. You might see them knocking about clearing mess or doing gardens. It's the community service people doing there bit for society if thats what you call a bit of gardening in the sun. I see them about quiet a lot now around tameside. off to ashton then to gee cross now. Student home time so no doubt i will upset a few who don't have scholars passes.

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  1. Anonymous8/3/10 16:16

    It was a nice day yesterday but not warm enough for ice cream lol.
    I noticed a big group of them working in Stamford Park last summer. Is it just me or does everybody look at them and wonder what crime they have commited.
    Im surprised they had them working on a Sunday.