Thursday, 25 March 2010

Not long now

This is our current home in manchester. If you didn't know for the past 6 weeks our services have been departing from lever street. I must say. Theses stops are so much better than ours. Easier to get out when it's time to go and there seems to be less hassle from passengers. I sometimes think the stops on piccadilly are an easy crime target and they attract unsavory people to the bus. Could be wrong but thats how it feels. The diversion has been extended to the middle of april now due to problems doing the water mains on oldham street. I think the information for passengers could be better too. Trying to tell someone where shudehill is from lever street isn't the easiest thing to do and the pte don't seem to want to help anyone if they are around. I took this earlier and forgot to post it. Only 7 more working days left till i'm off. Seems a lifetime.


  1. Anonymous26/3/10 17:33

    Your so right, the normal stop at Piccadilly is horrible and theres always unsavory people hanging about begging for change etc. Three times when ive been waiting for the 216 some poor passenger has been pick pocketed or on one occassion a young girls mobile phone was snatched from her hand as she waited for a bus. Certainly feels alot safer in the current place.

  2. Anonymous26/3/10 18:29

    Do the PTE ever come out ? when was the last time you seen one ?

  3. PTE go on buses nabbing fare dodgers occasionally, but that stop by piccadilly gardens has become rife in crime....surprised that the mobile police station by it has had minimal effect

  4. Anonymous26/3/10 21:20

    I think the problem is the cash machines at the stop in Piccadilly Gardens as well. There just seems to be some very strange people hanging around them stops. Its horrible when its dark and your waiting there.

  5. Anonymous26/3/10 22:08

    Ive just watched Corrie and there was somthing abit odd, they didn't use the Stagecoach mini-bus. Is it unwell?

  6. Not to sure as Corrie is filmed aout 4-5 weeks or more in advance but tonights bus on Weatherfield Wayfarer duties was one of Bluebirds Optare Solo SRs