Thursday, 18 March 2010

Whats this

Almost at marple where i will have lunch and i come across this barge thing. Any ideas what it's for am just curious.


  1. Anonymous18/3/10 16:57

    I could be wrong but i think there used to remove rubbish and scrap from the canal. I seem to remember seeing something similar being used in Stalybridge for pulling shopping trolly's and old bikes out of the water. I think its towed by another barge.

  2. Anonymous19/3/10 19:21

    Nah ... its a floating swimming pool - for olympic training!

  3. They use this barge for rubbish. Another machine,onland scoops the debris into it.I have seen this many times,as i grew up around the area. Lovely place it is too.More locks per square mile than anywhere in the country