Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Work to be done

This path looks like it's in the middle of being relaid. A yocal said this was a dirt track and it's recently been filled and flattened with stone. Looks like tarmac might be next. Anyway i forgot my cornflakes in my bag so i'm sat on a hill in rocher vale now. It's really nice out today perfect to unwind.


  1. Yes , we cycled it from the start on thursday,but couldnt pass the diggers at that point. it carrys on to the old ironworks,and a scenic little pond,its tarmaced at the start,then it was really rough,then hard again towards the end.The part that is being worked on , is on the border between Tameside and Oldham,so it looks like at last they have agreed together to complete the route properly.

  2. Rocher Vale always looks like somewhere that's miles from anywhere, instead of somewhere between Ashton and Oldham!