Saturday, 6 March 2010


Just finished for the day. Not bad finishing before 12. The only downside is getting up at 330am. Few diversions today. This is where i parked my 218 today. Heading down lewis road in droylsden because edge lane is shut. The 389 is also messed up today and is going the opposite way round ridge hill due to roadworks. came on my bike this morning which was ok for 4am. Not too cold either. Off tomorrow but back on monday.


  1. Anonymous6/3/10 18:47

    I was heading into Manchester on Wednesday morning and the 231 went down Lewis Road and then down North Road, is this why?
    Was great though as we totally missed all the roadworks.

  2. I read about that on the Yahoo group. I dont know why it went that way. I can only assume there was a problem on the New Road. Personally i would send that and the 217/8 down lewis road and north road all the time.

  3. Anonymous8/3/10 00:13

    It would be a good idea i agree, as Ashton New Road is still served by the 216 there wouldn't be a problem. It was certainly alot faster.