Monday, 29 March 2010

Back home

Just started work. This was parked up outside the bus station. I believe it was an old glossop bus and finished up at tameside then hyde road. Just had a good look around it. Seems in very good condition too. I had seen pictures of it on facebook before but it's nice to see it in the flesh. Brings back memories of childhood lol.
The owner is a chap called Mark Amis. He has a Flickr site which is Here


  1. very nice. whos is it?

  2. Tony ,ex - Tameside bus driver30/3/10 15:56

    Nice to see 5120 in Tameside again looks as good now as it did when it arrived as new

  3. Number on side doesn't match number on front.
    Nice bus however.

  4. Anonymous31/3/10 18:50

    Most buses back then had different numbers on the side and back, the problem was when the driver was changing the service number he would have to change them at the side and back of the bus. The more modern Scania's and Dennis Dominators GM Buses bought had dot matrix side and back displays so they could be changed inside the cab with just one switch.

    It is a nice bus though and looks great with its new paint job, Mark's done a good job restoring it.

  5. He was changing the numbers as i took it. I didnt wait till he got to the front