Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Big job.

The park and ride has started. This is the east car park which is also our depot for the week. Its massive. The operation in amazing. Yes i'm blowing the stagecoach trumpet again but to see something on this scale is brilliant. I'm heading as passenger up to celtic manor then upto the west car park to pick my bus up. Not sure what the bus is going to be. There is all sorts here. From 04 tridents to 10 plate scanias. There is 24 from manchester and we are staying in very basic student accomodation in a near by village. the days are all about 13 hours long but there is lots of waiting around in that time so not too bad. I'll post more pics when i get chance.


  1. Sounds fun... the last picture has caught my eye though, is that an articulated mercedes in arrivas plain liverly... where did that come from?

  2. Don't get delayed down there, because there are more Metrolink Replacement Services to be run.

    9/10/17 Oct on the Alty line and 23/24 Oct on the Bury line.

  3. Dan the ambulance man29/9/10 19:55

    Did you drive down in a mass 24 bus convoy then?

  4. The artic merc is one of 11 headed for Arriva North West after the Ryder Cup.