Monday, 13 September 2010

Ooopss Not Again!!!

No posts for the past few days i'm afraid. Couple of reasons for this. Firstly i was off Satuday and Sunday and have been a little busy socialising and secondly because of said socialising i have managed to misplace my mobile. Yes Again! So another one ordered which should be here intime for my 12 start tomorrow and hopefully should be set up for blogging sometime tomorrow evening.
So anyway, Remember the story ( and yes it was a story) about the breast feeding mum. Well Route one did a nice article on the piece in the 2nd September edition. If you don't read it and like everything bus like here is the link. The E version is very easy to use and a good read especially on this occasion. It's issue 349 if you can find it. If not send me an email and ill forward it page 26 and 27 should you get the chance.

Also why don't we send drivers for the Bus driver of the year competition anymore? It seems all the other stagecoach areas do apart from Manchester? I thought it had been cancelled clearly not.
In all week this week earlies after tomorrows lie in but 3 days off at the end of the week coming up. Southport air show outing from Ashton depot on Sunday so i'm looking forward to that. Never been to one before.


  1. You are right its a great article and sets the story straight. Makes the MEN look worse than The Sun with many floor's in their story.

    The thing that amazes me is that the Stagecoach investigation was done days before the first story was published and even though they cleared the driver, the MEN went ahead and published the daft story anyway, leaving it another 24 hours before they published the second story about Stagecoach standing by there driver.

    I hope Stagecoach track down this stupid girl and make here aplogise to the driver concerned.

    Another thing is that when something bad happens, or is alleged to have happened the MEN is happy to print it on the front page, yet on Friday, Stagecoach launched their 30 Hybrid buses outside the town hall, and as yet there has been no mention of it in the MEN.

  2. Anonymous14/9/10 12:31

    Speedwell Buses yesterday Registered S49 Oldham to Ashton (409)including Sundays from the 7th of November!!! Let battle commence!!!

  3. Jesus, this story is still going on! That was a while ago, about the last time I left a comment lol

    It is a shame that when a bus company does a heavy investment in hybrid fleets or win major accolades, they get no whiff of media noterierty... but when a jeremy kyle wanabee's story goes tits up (literally) it gives the MEN the chance for as much bashing as possible... It's good to see the efforts though by route 1, and I do hope the MEN has apologised (forgive me, i'm in scotland now lol)

  4. Thats so funny speedwell taking on first bus , it will just hasten their demise !

  5. well this will be fun taking on the 409

    I guess that will me more buses brough in

    there was a solo on the 350 to Oldham tonight 40314

  6. Chris, who's demise though?

    Someone said to me very recently that all newspapers are 'anti public transport' and how right is that.

    The Route One article proves one thing, the MEN had no reason to print the story as it had alreadu been proven untrue, yet they did. Shame on them.

  7. Speedwell are only running the S49 on Sunday's for the time being, utilising vehicles used during the week on the S48/S50 which would normally be sat in their depot not being used on Sunday's, plus it carries the SpeedwellValue name and concept into Oldham where at the moment its not really known of.

    When and IF it takes off, it will be rolled out 7 days a week.

  8. I guess it will be NKG/H on it then

    there where 2 old double decks on the Oldham 350 today been 31942/44

  9. Well Mic theres talk of the S48 being rolled out on Sundays very soon as well, but yes i would imagine the larger vehicles will be used on this new service.

  10. saw V256 BNV on S48 today leaving bus stn and it was full

    just read in Oldham paper that from next year bus firms will have a code of conduct which they will have to follow by this inculdes new buses which stagecoach do anyway etc