Saturday, 25 September 2010

Getting giddy

Just started work for the day. Nice easy 6 - 2 today with glossops then 330s later. I'm at the royal oak at the moment on my first trip. The roads at this time are a pleasure to drive on although it's short lived i'm sure as soon as the shoppers see the sun is out. It's a bit nippy though, luckily the heating on this man bus is working well. It's my last day at ashton today, well for the next 10days anyway. We leave hyde road at 430am for Newport, Wales on Monday to go do the park and ride at the Ryder cup . Looking forward to it now. The drive down will be a bit of a drag but i'm sure i'll pass the time with the usual sing song most of us do when there is no one on the bus. Unless it's just me lol. I'll post as much as i can next week although i'll take the camera too and post somemore when i get back. Off tomorrow so at least i get chance to chill before a very busy week.

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