Thursday, 2 September 2010

Just visiting

In at 4am today to do taxis. Next part is a couple of schools. We have 7 enviros in the paint shop at the moment so we have a few buses from other places on loan. I have 17066 which looks like it has come from another part of the country at some point. Very nice drive though. The tridents are always a nice bus to drive. Got another school this afternoon too although i think the kids might be a little quiet today with it being first day back.


  1. For your information 17066 is ex Stagecoach London as can be seen from the following link:

  2. Has the Magic bus Olympian replaced the ex Bullocks Olympian or it just a loan?

    Certainly looks a lot better than the Bullocks one.

  3. just had this weeks bus news and I have read that 16797 is going to be repainted back into stagecoach livery to replace 16189

    also due for Ashton are 19101, 22095/96 and 34081