Friday, 3 September 2010

Another smashing time

It still passes me by to understand why anyone would throw a brick through a bus window with people on. This scania must have been done yesterday at some point. On taxis again this morning. These earlies really don't agree with me. Only just woke up in time this morning. Ended up working until just after 6 yesterday to cover a trip on a 330. It was however a better than usual trip as a used the trident that i had for the school before it. Got another school after taxis this morning on the same bus. It's a shame they are only borrowed. I believe 16189 is in for head gaskett repair so we have 16103.


  1. I think it happened some time late yesterday afternoon [Thursday] as i saw it returning to the depot at around 6.30pm.
    Ironically the two Scania's often had there windows smashed while working at Mayne's on there 171/172 service.

  2. anyone going to the bus rally at Heaton park on sunday I hope XBU 17S is there use to travel on it as 7221 at Halifax

  3. I'll be popping along at some point. Depends how bad the saturday night hangover is!

  4. The weather looks good for it this year which is good news. I think it was last year when it turned rather wet and turn out was a little low. Hopefully there should be a good crowd and plenty of buses.

  5. will have my camara and after the short national 105

    I remember 132 out lived the rest

    also in Oldham years ago and 134 would not start and so they banged on the back and it started