Thursday, 30 September 2010


This is the led blind that Manchester sent. The others all have just the wording on. Our man at hyde road has cleverly added the golf club and flag to it. Makes the Manchester buses stand out a little. Just finished for the day. Finish early tomorrow so might have to sample the local public houses to unwind for a few hours. Three days to go before we head back to reality. I had a 10 plate devon scania today. Was a bit slow but a nice drive, the trident this morning was nice too. The opening ceremony was today and we moved everyone with ease. There is a nice buzz around the depot when it comes close to kicking out time. Not sure what it's going to be like tomorrow when the competition actually start. But we are all looking forward to it.


  1. Bet your not liking the rain.

    Shows you what happens staging an international event in Wales in their winter.

  2. Anonymous1/10/10 19:34

    saw the corri bus out today first on st albans ave then later in dukinfield near the town hall then found 19092 broken down near the white bridge. 19077 on the 231 for the second day has this moved or what?

  3. There was a few breakdowns at Ashton yesterday. Two of there Enviro's in Ashton Bus Station receiving attention and a MAN on the 237.
    Also notcied one of the little Scania single deckers on the 347.

  4. I also saw 19077 on the 330 but also saw Hyde Rd bus 19012 in Mossley on the 217/18 one of the 2 routes

  5. M Branson2/10/10 18:18

    That photo at the top is not of a Manchester bus! 156## indicates that this bus is one of the new Scania/Enviro400s. Did it call at Manchester before setting off to the Ryder Cup?

    Also, yesterday my mother reported what was probably a MAN, struggling up Boyds Walk Dukinfield, with thick black smoke coming out the exhaust. Have Ashton depot sent all their maintenance engineers to the Ryder Cup and left all their buses back home to develop faults?

    Anyways, looks like you've been enjoying it out there, despite all that rain lol.

  6. The older MANS are knackered and need scrapping. They really struggle on the 236/237 and only just make it up the hill in Mottram.

  7. and most of them where moved to Stockport in Exchange for newer ones

    also with Firstbus I nocited they keep running bus 40380 on the 331 service everyday I though these where for the 348/50 services

    also the 350 cheap ticket offer is still on to the end of November
    also the lady that drives the S50 who jokes with the passangers and knows a lot of passangers me incuded lives on Winterford road in Mossley just down from Hollins school

  8. The New MANs are really nice and are quite nippy but sadly Ashton does still have some of the older ones and they dont sound too healthy.

    I noticed a First Arrow on the 353 earlier this week, thats a big bus to use on that service lol.

  9. they do not do the stotts route its route is main roads for first I once saw 34255 on the 353 since transfered to Oldham

    read on my weekly bus news that Ashton are getting 22095/96 from Stockport in exchange for 22142/43