Sunday, 3 October 2010

Nearly the end?

It's 5am sunday morning. I'm not getting picked up until 7 but the rain and wind are keeping me awake. Not a good sign because if play is stopped again then we stay another day. It's no holiday camp here and i really am ready for my own bed now. It's been a very interesting week though. Loads of waiting around which the manchester drivers are not use to. So as soon as the nod was given you could be sure we were leading the way to wherever we were sent to. When the punters did all come out at once it was brilliant. There was a bus leaving roughly every 8 seconds over a period of 2 1/2 hours. I've never had 50 thousand people wanting to get on my bus so much lol. The organisation was great. The passengers where stored into a pen then the bus pulled up got them and away in just a few minutes. Precision organisation and very well planned i think. The pictures are the wash at the depot which is located within the massive east park and ride complex. The buses are washed and fuelled twice a day and the platform is mopped after every trip. The other pic is how to park a solo in a tesco car park lol. Looking forward to home now and a day off weather permitting. Most drivers will stay the extra day but some will have to leave. We will keep our fingers crossed.


  1. As they have said spectators arriving at the course by car today have to sit in their cars until further notice, due weather, have you got buses full of spectators parked up as well?

    Said it before, should never have played this tournament in Wales.

  2. You're staying!

    Singles now on Monday.

  3. Anonymous4/10/10 12:54

    seen 19643 on ashton duties what is it using for fuel as ashton has no adblu fuel not doing the motor much good 19013 on 2126 this morning and 19101 on219 yesterday

  4. Anonymous5/10/10 17:01

    i read on gmpta information 217 218 on sundays and bank holidays to be run by JPT why is this?

  5. M Branson5/10/10 20:57

    19643 has a MAN engine which, I think, does not use adBlue. Ashton have had 19624 from the same batch, for a while now.

  6. the last bus in that batch is 19640

    also Firstbus at Ashton have just got arrows 31951/52 back also 31954 is here these have replaced 31940/44/45

    speedwell VU 02 TTZ is back on the S50 now