Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Back Home

This is the transporter in Newport. Odd device that takes cars over the water in place of a bridge. Apparently there arn't many of them around anymore?
Took this just after we left this morning at 10am. Been a brilliant week which from a company point of view has been very succesful. In the afternoons we were moving over 13000 people an hour with a bus leaving celtic manor every 25 seconds. Its been great to be a part of it and i look forward to the next "big job" as it was called by a few people. I couldnt answer any comments on my phone this week not sure wy so sorry if you asked anything and didnt get a reply. We took an LED programming key with us thats why the 15*** bus had the Manchester detination blind on it. Not sure whats going on with the 217 218 as i have not been in but will find out. Probably best if JPT did the daytime mon-sat too really as its been spoilt since the times changed. I used to like the 5 hours on there bus now its hard work having to sit around waiting time out. I know its up for tender so i am guessing we have won the Mon-sat and lost the Sunday work. Will find out on Thursday. Got far too many pictures to put on here. I have put them on facebook for them who are on there. If you want me to share the album please email me and i will send u the link to it. Back to normal on thursday after i have slept for a day to catch up. The extra day made it special too as most were sent home but we were kept, Even had a leaving party last night which i have to say was one of the best nights i have had all year and i like to socialise somewhat.


  1. There are three transporter bridges left in the UK now. The one at Newport that yousaw,the famous one at Middlesborough, and a the less well-known one across the Mersey at Warrington. (Link to Photo)

    There was also one across the Mersey between Runcorn and Widnes.

  2. Sorry, the link to the photo of Warrington transporter bridge should be this one.

  3. Wow Martin you never fail.. Excellent thank you.

  4. Do you have a Fan page on Facebook?? How many buses were chartered for this event? I would like to have a look at the photos you have taken whilst you were there!

  5. Anonymous6/10/10 19:30

    saw a dart on 216 this morning are ashton stuck for 400s

  6. Theres been Darts on the 236/237 for the last two days. I think its a MAN shortage lol.

    Oldham100, a little update for you.
    Back in August you posted some photo's and commented on some smashed windows and damage to flower beds in Ashton Town Centre in the early hours of the morning.
    Well it seems the idiot responsable was caught the same night and apparently ran amok through Ashton with an Axe causing £10,000 worth of damage, and surprise surprise, hes not being made to pay for any of it, and has escaped a prison sentence.

    The full story is here:


    Thought it worth a mention.