Thursday, 14 October 2010

Not good.

Here is a lovely picture of the fountain at piccadilly during a bike ride the other day. Thought i'd post it to livid the mood slightly. Today has been so mixed. Firstly did a trip on the 330 nice and easy, was in a great mood. Had my lunch then went and waited for my 236. Whilst i was stood waiting an old lady who was walking with her husband fell to the floor at the bus station. It was pretty clear that the lady had suffered a serious heart attack or something similar. A few members of the public very quickly ran to the scene and started cpr. The ambulance took about 3 minutes to come but there was very little they could do. So it's been a somewhat crazy day that i will certainly never forget for the wrong reason. I'm doing a little extra tonight finish at 7 instead of 4 but i don't mind. Just hope the rest of the week is a little more uneventful :(


  1. So sad, i just got back into the bus station on my last 347 as it had happened. I couldn't understand why the ambulance left with blues and two's on , but the clever one (the mrs, a nurse)put me straight. Paramedics cannot certify death, they can call time on resuss if its not working, but the rush is to get upto the doctor for the final decision. On a lighter note, i was on 801 board this morning, and moved hell and high water and got in for my meal break bang on the button , and thats including the lights that have sprung up again just after bank st !

  2. Wow Have a look at this !
    Will be done by 2013 !