Thursday, 28 October 2010

Half Term.

Came into work this morning and noticed a few skips near our new gates. The name on the side made me chuckle a little. Sadly I can’t sit here making up lots of jokes about Enviro and Skips but you get the picture. Interesting choice of company!
Busy day tomorrow. Got to call to Hyde road for an hour or so at lunchtime so hope there is something interesting going on there because Ashton seems to have died this week. It’s been very quiet.
I think the main problems we have had this week have been the road works. And this time it’s not confined to the New Road. However. That has been truly ridiculous. Especially yesterday. But I won't bore you with more stories about how people hate us because the tram is coming lol.

We also have road works on Huddersfield Road Stalybridge, So the 217 218 is going like a 348. Chatsworth turn around was shut so that was missed out on the same routes.  Half of Hyde bus station is closed for refurb so that puzzled some of the lads who don’t know the area too well and some gas leak in Stockport earlier in the week made the 330s run slightly late. Like I say. Luckily it’s been quiet.

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  1. Dave Williams1/11/10 11:12

    Always interesting to read your accounts of life on the buses and to read the resulting remarks which they attract. I'm sure you'll be interested to see the photo of Hyde bus station 1999 in today's (1 Nov) post on Old Hyde:
    Keep up the good work!