Monday, 1 November 2010

Not so long weekend.

Working overtime today. It should have been my 4 day weekend but i thought i would work the friday and monday. Very little going on at the moment apart from a new batch of britains finest cones turning up in droylsden this morning causing even longer queues. Luckily not for me. I'm on my second of two trips on a 7. Did 2 on the 347 earlier which was totally hammered. I couldn't squeeze another sole on from crown point to guide bridge. Them man buses are ok but don't hold enough people at times. The magic bus has left the depot now. The 842 school is going to have the small dart on it, 33098. Should make it easier to get across the bridge and there is just enough seats on it for the kids so i'm told. 530am spare for the next couple of days so not sure what i will be doing tomorrow or wednesday yet. I suppose it will be a suprise lol. Hoping for some good news this week and will share it as and when it happens. We will see.


  1. Anonymous1/11/10 17:05

    nice clean looking bus is it 33098. seen manns full to capicity on 347 perhaps its time for more manns on the route or transfer to enviro 400 if you have enough

  2. there is a few double deckers on the 347 in the mornings now. but it was behind me doing the clearing up. Not surprising it gets busy though there are so many schools on such a short route.

  3. 16103 is due to go to North West a long with 16124

  4. I dont often slate Stagecoach but thats a problem with some of there services. The 347 has been crying out to become a double deck service for years now, yet very often at peak its single deck MAN's and even the little Scania's. when double deckers are needed. Then at quiet times during the day and all day on Sundays its wall to wall Enviro's which are normally empty.
    Its the same on the 236/7 as well. I counted 3 enviro's passing through Stalybridge today with only a handfull of passengers on, yet at peak its MAN's which are jammed full.
    Hopefully when the Metrolink does come the 216 will become a single deck service freeing up double deckers where they are really needed.

    I always thought the 842 school service had to use a double deck bus as its normally a condition of tender by GMPTE on school services, and thats why the Bullocks Olympian was used.

  5. Seating capacity is the only condition on schools. The Olympian was used as it was a short wheel base bus.

  6. The 368 and 369 services suffer similar capacity problems, and this is during the day. Generally they are single-deckers (usually MANs), though sometimes double-decker Enviros are used.

    Re. Felix, there are several school services in Stockport that are single-deckers or even coaches.