Thursday, 11 November 2010

Horrible day.

Spare driver this morning. I started at 530 and i'm just at glossop about to do a 236 to Ashton. This bus runs 10 minutes behind a piccadilly bus which gets all the students going to Tameside college. The one i am on too gets a fair few so i hope they all have there scholars passes or there might be a few upset faces in the next hour as i know the bus is front is going to do the same thing. Why should most people pay the right fare and others get away with it. Last night on the 347 was the same. Two forged day tickets and a weekly pass 3 days over was snatched. That part of the job i am looking forward to. 2more days after today. Both early duties too which is good. Got a bit of a leaving do in Ashton on sunday so should be a good afternoon out. A trip too gee cross international bus station after this.

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