Saturday, 13 November 2010

Last day

Last day as an Ashton driver today, and it's a long one. Got 3 on a 216 which is good as it passes quickly. Then a slower pace on the 7 for a trip and end the day with a trip on a 330 finish at 4. I start at hyde road at 9 on monday morning so at least i get a little lie in. The new road was very quiet yesterday but yet there was still queues into droylsden sadly causing issues with service. The works at beswick street look almost finished so it might not be long until we are using pollard street again. Hoping for a nice hassle free day today.


  1. Good luck with the new career move. Should be a bit more difficult inspecting rammed buses on Christmas shopping services lol

  2. all the best with the new job as you leave ashton depot. what off its future? how do you think it will develop and when? hope you continue with your blog its been a pleasure to read each day thank you.

  3. Everyone is scrabbling for his shifts now, its not pretty :-)