Sunday, 14 November 2010

Off Out

Just heading into ashton and this is at the bus stop. I have not been on one of these buses yet but i'll give it a try. The driver is an ex ashton driver so had a good chat. He was telling me about the bullying tactics first are applying on the 's' routes and that speedwell are in the process of complaining to the authorities regarding it. Sad really that it has to come to it because i have always been of the opinion that competition is healthy for the consumer. Going for a few beers with the guys from ashton should be a good day.


  1. good on speedwell I hope first get a good telling off waited for the 4pm 354 from uppermill today and it was 20 mins late get rid of first and let other firms do the routes

  2. Unfortunately Mic, with the cutbacks made and/or due, First & Stotts may be the last operators of the 353/4 for a while.

    Thats why I prefer the 'S' routes, it flourishes in these times and its how public transport was meant to be... lowest fares for the best and consistant service. tbf, I see lots of good examples, and just as many bad today... I really hope Speedwells complaint does the business.

  3. went on the s50 to Ashton on Saturaday there was a 350 in front at top Mossley and no one got on the 350

  4. Im surprised its taken so long for Speedwell to complain but to be honest do we really expect anything less from First?
    And im sure in the same position Stagecoach would use the same bullying tactics. Just look at what happened with Dennis's and UK North.
    Speedwell are on to a winning thing with the 's' routes and all they need to do is continue the good work, it dosen't matter how many buses First run on the 348/350, they all look empty.

  5. felix

    dead right there I hope firstbus get a big telling off they think they own everyone

  6. Speedwell are nothing but a predatory parasite First/GM Buses/GMT/The corporations ran this route before Speedwell were thought of!Whats innovative about it? Nothing! their not even running the full route to Rochdale!its parasitic,its everything thats wrong with the Transport Act 1986.Roll on QUALITY CONTRACTS which West Yorks PTE are pursuing,remember with this system there would be no on street competition!Integration and comprehensive networks being the key.

  7. I read about west yorks pte may be the same could be done here

    and one thing speedwell have better buses then first Ashton
    I can not see why first can not rid of those old darts if you go down to Cornwall you will see that their newiest dart is an 06 reg what does that tell you

  8. Oh ANON, you do make me laugh but what dribble you speak. Lets do away with deregulation, lets bring back the corporations, infact lets take the vote away from women and lets hang muderers and alike.

    West yorks are persuing Quality contracts, as are South Yorkshire and GMPTE will soon follow, but there along way off. South Yorkshire's were meant to have started some months ago but the date came and went and the smaller operators like Tates and Powell's are still using high floor buses and are still using the bus stations.

    You mention GM Buses/First. In the late 80's and early 90's GM Buses had massive competition on the 409. Beeline ran the full route, Stott's ran to Oldham, and Citibus/Pennine Blue also ran to Oldham, not to mention Universal, JPT and Mayne's. So if GM Buses were so great why was there all this competition.

    Speedwell are anything but Parasites. They have seen a gap in the market and are trying to fill it. How can they be Predatory Parasites when they actually run behind the First services?

    Anon i think its time you woke up. We live in 2010 not 1980. Competition is here, and its here to stay, and if anything, smaller operators like Speedwell, JPT and Stott's will grow bigger and bigger.

  9. good one Felix stotts are also a good firm with the 353/54

    speedwell run these valve services because people can save money on these buses waiting for it at Mossley stn tonight a 350 came and no one got on what does that tell you and they got on the S50

    speedwell are here to stay what ever anyone says

  10. Mic ive never laughed so much.
    I mean if the Corporations/GMT/GM Buese/First were all so good, then why was there so much competition in 1986?
    Like i keep saying, if First are so good, and Speedwell are such 'Parasites' then why are there 's' services so successful?

    And as William as previously said, in these current economic times when money is a little tight, its great that Speedwell are willing to invest heavily in these low fare services, becuase its when there needed most.

  11. Now appearing at Hyde Road, a new production of "An Inspector Calls" featuring Oldham 100.

  12. Felix,your the one spouting the dribble! talk about being a sycophantic follower of the independent bus operator,im winding you up mate, and you bite everytime!!! I just knew you wouldnt be able to resist the bait.Laugh i have never laughed as much.

  13. Buspilot lol I see a new title of the blog.

    Looks like there's a troll lurking about

  14. Anonymous you are funny at times

    came out of Mossley train stn and the 343 was just there so jumped on it home

    G501 SFT is used on the 343 in the week

  15. What sort of bullying tactics are we talking about here? Running extra buses in front? Or something else? To be honest I am surprised First hasn't done more to fight back. Their cheaper 348/350 day tickets aren't exactly being given a lot of publicity. They must be losing a lot of passengers on these routes.

    (And yes - I am one of the passengers who will stand back and let a 350 pass and wait for an S50 - it's a big help on my limited budget!)

    I wouldn't take much notice of Anon's comments. If someone can't be bothered to give us some sort of a name then I can't be bothered to take anything they write seriously!

  16. Martin Hi there

    this Anons I wonder if they work for firstbus you never know see the 02 dart is back on the S50 now and that lady driver Joan who lives at Micklehurst is so funny its drivers like this we need and chatty

  17. Martin/Mic i just wonder what the owner of Speedwell would make of ANON [Annoying more like] calling his company a parasite. No wonder he carn't reveil his identity.

    Martin, im sure like me you read the comments on the GM Buese site last week reagrding the First/Speedwell competition.
    In all honesty theres not alot First can do to fight back as Speedwell are actually running more or less behind First all the time, theres a big difference in frequency on both the S48/S50, but it certainly looks like First are putting extra buses onto both routes.
    There was one First Solo in Stalybridge last week not in service, as soon as the S48 turned at Tesco the First driver sprung to life and the bus quickly became a 348 and set off just in front of the S48.

    Mic thanks for the info on Speedwell's Olympian.

  18. As well as correcting you on your grammatical errors Felix ! i will now enlighten you on the Facts about Quality contracts which you are obviously confusing with Quality partnerships. These are voluntary agreements where operators councils,PTEs transport authorities all work together on certain bus corridors to improve the infrastruture,operate new buses etc.
    Quality contracts are a different beast altogether, the legislation for these was in the last Transport Act which the Labour government brought in.
    Under this system the PTE area would be split into franchises and operators would bid to run the networks which would along with the timetables,routes, fares and branding be decided by the PTE.There would be no on street competition,the successful bidders would have sole operating rights.Under this system operators could lose their entire networks,and depots transfering to other companies could become common. In a nutshell at the moment the operators call the shots,with this system thePTEs/County councils will.So as for your assertion competition is here to stay circa- Speedwell, JPT,Stotts i thing not.Their future will be bidding for parts of a franchised network which GMPTE will inevitably bring in if their neighbours in West Yorkshire are successful.

  19. Anon, im not getting into a debate with someone who carn't even reveal there own idenitdy, oh and on the subject of grammer, ive spotted at least two mistakes in your last comments.

  20. Felix First may try with more buses on these routes but the public are not daft with first ripping of the public and then speed well charging £1 max fare and 50p for under 16s we know who will win the day

  21. I think for the big bus firms the PTE should set the fares like is going to happen in west yorkshire which has the right idea

  22. Felix

    had a ride on G501 SFT and not one rattle on it very nice ride

    it looks like first have stopped the cheap tickets the labels have been removed from the buses

  23. Was that on the 343 Mic?

  24. felix yes

    and news on first Ashton fleet they have gained 40325/53143/45/47/49 from Queens Rd and lost 40370/71/72 to Bolton