Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Busy route

I'm just at shudehill bus station waiting to leave on the 218. Been watching the 17 service for past 15 minutes. There has been 4 buses leave in that time all with a fair few on. The bus behind is a jpt number 17 too that only goes to middleton. Seems a bit cheeky to be honest. I somehow don't think they would get away with it on some of our major routes. I think queens road run the 17. Just a trip to mossley and finish in ashton. Get loads of time on this route now so there will be no rushing about.


  1. I crawled and i mean crawled from the stand to phillips park, but still had to wait ! They youget to Mossley and have to rush! Is demaine drive still operative ? I'm hoping when i return next week, hyde bus stationand huddy rd are sorted!

  2. exazdriver3/11/10 10:35

    dont see many deckers like that Scania of JPT's in manchester now.

  3. Nope you dont and JPT's two Scania's are on borrowed time as once all there ex London Tridents get painted and enter service the Scania's are due to go.
    Stott's still have 5 or 6 Scania's that actually look alot better than JPT's, and Speedwell have some old Olympians that look like there from the middle ages lol.