Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Back to Work

I was in at 530am yesterday and today is my rest day but our summer holidays must have come to an end at our depot so we are fully staffed and had spare drivers including myself. I stayed until 930am then decided to head off. There were other spares so I got changed and headed out on my bike which I went to work on.
One challenge I have wanted to do for the past year or so is Home Moss. This is the big hill in between Homfirth and Woodhead road with the large transmitter on the top of it. So I headed up Mottram road. In to Hadfield. And started up the Longendale trail. After helping to clean up an old ladies face which was covered in blood I carried on. Luckily I keep allsorts in my bag for injuries after my last fall.
Then I crossed over the Woodhead road and up the hill. It was harder than I thought but I made it. Brilliant views from the top and a great ride into Holmfirth too. Then I carried on to Huddersfield and then to Marsden up the Narrow Canal. Got the train to Greenfield ( yes I cheated) then cycled home from there. Here are a few pictures including a very familiar looking bus just leaving Holmfirth bus station. I’m off tomorrow and not sure what I am doing yet but a few glasses of celebratory wine is defiantly in order.


  1. During the Summer Centrebus Huddersfield run a Saturday only service from Glossop-Huddersfield via Torside, Holme Moss and Holmfirth which is a lovely run out and a challenge for the Optare Solo thats usually used on the route considering hills it has to climb and I know the route to Holme Moss now very well so I can understand how hard it must be on a bike

  2. exazdriver1/9/10 11:45

    i once climbed holme moss on a 25kg downhill bike! and it is indeed a killer. its one of the best known (road racing) hill climbs in the country!

  3. I used to go to school at Holmfirth and go over to compos chippy every saturday

  4. That bus picture is classic.
    The pedestrians make this photograph

    I rode to Holme Moss as a young teenager.
    The bike at the time was one of those old blokes 3 speed bikes. Very heavy. It were a saturday.

  5. Ouch i bet that hurt. There is more to this picture than i can put on here. Oddly the erm,, Person with the stick is a regular of ours on the 216 and is quite a character.