Saturday, 28 August 2010

Bridgewater Canal

I Went for a ride down the Bridgewater canal yesterday after work. Nice
ride. I did seem to get a little lost somehow. Yes its possible on a
canal.!! I wanted to come off and go to Dunham Massey but missed any signage
(that's if there is any). So I ended up in Runcorn. I found this canal a
little boring probably because it really does go through the middle of no
where. Anyway here are a few pics.


  1. when I was younger me and my mum and dad went on a canal boat holiday doing lapworth locks and doing one top paddle was so stiff I went flying into the grass

  2. If you go through Lymm village, you've gone too far! The place to come off for Dunham Massey is a concrete overbridge that looks rather out of place but replaced a traditional brick overbridge.

    This was my nearest canal when growing up, so I expected all canals to be flat and well-engineered. It was an education moving to Manchester and checking out all the locks...

  3. As the Bridgewater leaves Stretford it crosses near Route 62 which then heads towards it. It's the same place you'd leave the Bridgewater to get to Chorlton Water Park.