Saturday, 21 August 2010

Getting there

This is a shot of pollard street i took earlier in the week. It shows how they are cracking on with the metrolink works closer to town. It's all taking shape now. I think pollard street should be back open in the next couple of weeks. I'm just at princess road to do the bus replacement for the planned works. However! I have heard the trams are running and the works were cancelled due to the problems earlier in the week so we might all be driving around with noone on the bus. Back down here on a late tomorrow and then back to normal monday morning. It was expected but the fares are on the increase next week. Everything apart from the day and mega rider are going up. Its the start of a long term plan to make just 3 single fares. A short medium and long journey fare. Sounds like a good plan to me should help combat fare dodgers.


  1. M Branson21/8/10 10:21

    I see some fares are actually going down. I agree with you, it sounds like an excellent idea to simplify the fare structure and only have 3 single fares to contend with.

    Surely they won't send out the replacement buses if they don't need them? You guys seem to have done enough Metrolink replacement bus service over the past week or two, and at such short notice at times too.

  2. They should have a fare system on their website, like trains do. I'd like to know the prices of some journeys without having to get on a bus and ask the driver.

  3. Apparently if you email Stagecoach with your journey details they will give you the fares via email, but yes it would be great if the fares were available on there website.

    Some of the fares are actually going down by 10p which is great and even better, the dayrider and megarider unchanged which is great.

  4. Anonymous21/8/10 22:23

    I've travelled on Stagecoach services elsewhere in the UK, and some seem to have an even simpler fare system than in Greater Manchester. In Middlesbrough, Stagecoach in Cleveland eschew staged fares on its local services in favour of a £2.00 flat fare (and concessionary fares), plus DayRider tickets for anyone wishing to make more than one journey.

    Whilst I was holidaying in Eastbourne, the flat fare on local services is £1.90, a return fare is £2.90, with the DayRider being £3.00. Longer distance routes are covered using the Explorer ticket (£5.50) with staged fares on longer distance routes like the 99 to Silverhill (just outside Hastings) and the 242 to Royal Tunbridge Wells (via Heathfield). The latter is 42 within Eastbourne - like the old Oldham Corporation move of letters within the borough and numbers outside the borough.

  5. Ah the fare changes.

    I've seen the board and its a fair mix of up 10p. down 10p and frozen bits, which is rather good considering it's a full 'price change'... normally it's a fancy word for 'price rise' lol

    I have just got back from Wiltshire, and Stagecoach's Swindon operations work well with Thamesdown in the swindon urban, using a zone system... which is fair valued but give no change. The more rural ticketing is a stretch but returns (approx £5) and weekly tickets (about £19, pending on area) are offered so there's good choice.

    Finally got into Edinburgh Uni, so I'll enjoy the positively reviewed Lothian... I hope it's as good as its sounds lol