Sunday, 15 August 2010

Manchester Goes Green!

Many thanks goes to a friend of mine. I cannot get to Hyde road this week to
see these buses arrive for there fleet numbers and op details to be put on
so here are the pics I have been given.

I Believe these are destined for the 42 and 43. So at a top speed of 40 something don't expect to get there in a hurry!!
Thank James Brompton For the pics.


  1. M Branson15/8/10 08:34

    I doubt Stagecoach will make any losses over them! They do look good (not much different from a normal enviro400 but painted green), but I didn't think they'd be that slow. But I suppose the technology will continue to improve.

  2. Is it just because of the hybrid kit the low top speed ?

  3. I read this week (yeah i am a gadget freak!) that some young boffins have created a substance than can be put on any surface,and it will create solar electricity,and they are hoping to cover windows , roof tiles ect,and set us all free from the power companies. I love emerging technology ! Oldham 100, the speed limit is 30mph on wilmslow road,add that to the lemming type behaviour of the stoodents, you can't even go that fast :-)

  4. exazdriver15/8/10 12:02

    ah, they're not all that bad, i remember once taking a leyland olympian on a dead journey along the m60, and it would only do 38mph! needless to say, i came off at the next exit!

    presumably, these hybrids will only do 40-odd because of their design, ie - no gearbox but a centrifugal clutch - type drive (think "rev-n-go" motorbikes/mopeds) and will no doubt be mapped for acceleration, not top speed. as chris said, theres no real need for a bus that will do even 31mph, on the 42/43, in theory!

  5. The Stagecoach Oxford ones are numbered 12001-26,
    the ones at Manchester follow on from these, 12027-56.

  6. The seats still look like the familar blue...

  7. just rode one of them today, they're doing the 147 "Oxford Road link".