Sunday, 1 August 2010


Well today is certainly a long one. I started at 930 and finish at 730. However driving time has been about 6 hours lol. I am sat in stevenson square at the moment waiting 30 minutes to do the last trip. We are keeping the buses running on tram times and it is very quiet on the roads today so no problems. I bet things will be a different story tomorony morning though. I'm here for the tea time rush so i'll cop for it in the afternoon but i'm led to believe it will be a 3 minutes bus service from woodlands road tomorrow to meet demand. It's very enjoyable doing this up to now. The nicest part is being able to fill the bus whilst being stood at the door. Sometimes the glass can be a little frustrating especially when you are getting questions fired at you. I have swatted up on the closure so i'm not too bad but judging by some moans i have heard not everyone seems to be so helpful. And no thats not me blowing my own trumpet! Last trip and home back at 940 tomorrow. The pic by the way is woodlands road tram stop. I do have a load of picture of princess road depot and night pop them on sometime this week.

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  1. just got this weeks news at it says the following are at PS till september 19235/36/70/335/45/47/48/400/10/11/12/47/22103 I bet there are more